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17th may 2018 –

Keep the 11th of October 2018 free, because on this date an event full of interesting readings, interactive workshops and a really nice dinner will take place. Annually the ComMa conference is organized by members of Commotie, the student associations from Communication- and information sciences in Groningen and the MARUG, the marketing association of the Rijksuniversity Groningen. This year the conference will be organized by Denise Pizzimenti, Anna van Prooijen, Romy Elshof, Avin Gafhor and Esmée Stofbergen.

At the conference the communication side of marketing will be highlighted. This will be done by different lectures and workshops. In addition, every year a theme is gonna be connected to the conference, this year the theme will be ‘Context is king. Personalize. Influence. Convert.’ The congress will be all about context marketing. The most succesful campaigns are ones that engage individuals with customized and contextually relevant experiences to inform their decision making process. The challenge is to understand where they are, what they are doing, and what they are likely to do next.
Through lectures and workshops from companies with a lot of experience about this kind of marketing we will offer you a great and interesting day! The day starts with lectures from IMA and Fairphone at the Platformtheater. After these lectures we will move to The Student Hotel where a lovely dinner will be waiting for us. After dinner CROWD., TRES and Blogs4Travel will deliver some inspiring workshops! Afterwards everyone who joined the ComMa Congress will get a well-stocked goodiebag. And if you want you can stay a little longer for networking or just for a little drink. You can sign up at the ComMa website till the 4th of October, so don’t wait too long!

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